Non-Fired Paintsrooster! painted with duncan OS

Many times when decorating fired clay items, there are effects you may want to achieve that you cannot do with the limitations of fired colors.

Realistic scenes and naturalistic animals lend them selves to highly detailed painting techniques that acrylic paint was designed for. All the paint in this section must be painted on Bisque (fired clay) and cannot ever be fired again. These paints have been formulated to work on bisque without showing brushstrokes.


Acrylic Paints

Bisque-Stain® Opaque Stains  The OS's are acrylic paints. They have been reformulated with a wider selection of colors and a soft matte look.


 Ultra Metallics™  The sheen of metal in an acrylic.


SparklersTM Brush-On Glitter Glitters that you can brush on for highlights or use solid coverage for an intense look.


Granite Stone® they have the rough look of granite.

Liquid Pearls™  Pearly nail polish type paints, perfect for dragons and fairies!


And for Antiquing or translucent painting

Oil-Based Translucent Stains The TS's now easy water cleanup.



Non-fired Accessories-Sealers

Ceramic Spray Sealers  spray cans